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For Teachers & group leaders

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Welcome dear Teachers & Group leaders!

Based on our longtime experiences as yoga teachers, therapists, workshop& training organizers we definitely know how it feels when you wish to offer the best experience to your students.
You envision amazing nature, beautiful energy, and peacefulness - so you can really give your best, and be a tool of transformation, or transmission of teachings, knowledge, wisdom, creativity, etc..for your students.

But organizing a retreat requires not just your ability to transmit your talents, but also to take care of the practicalities, and to make sure that those will also be perfectly aligned to your program. 
This also requires energy, effort and focus. 

And That is what we can help you with.
We are passionate about offering our Soulful Villas , that we carefully selected along the years for uplifting, blissful space for your events.
Besides the best venues suitable for yoga and family events , we can help you to organize the rest as well.. We can help you to provide you all yoga equipment, the best cooks, with healing, harmonizing, nurturing food, and we can add some extra features such as offering the transfers, excursions, rituals, sound healing, breathwork, cacao ceremony, personal reading sessions, whatever you dreamed of..boat trips, cave trips, Formentera trips, airport transfers... supporting you in manifesting your vision for your retreats & trainings, by tailoring everything to your group's needs and to YOUR HIGHEST DREAMS! 


We believe that each retreat can be a life changing event for all...and definately something that people will remember for a long long time! 

We love to share the magic Ibiza Vibes, beautiful nature, amazing sunsets, and most delicious local meals organic, vegan, vegetarian, glutenfree,
(all possible!)  with All of You!
Having been islanders for more then 7 years now..we are here to serve you to the best of our availabilities TO MAKE YOUR RETREAT A COMPLETE SUCCESS!

Contact us for your personalised offer! 

Your Ibiza Yoga Retreat Center Team 

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