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ABOUT IBIZA..Island of Love, Passion, Freedom, Arts & Creativity

Part of the Balearic Islands together with Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera, Ibiza is a beautiful self sustainable land & community. 
The wonderful nurturing and open energies of the island inspire many artists, musicians, painters, healers and creative spirits to follow their dreams about happiness, joy and freedom.
Incredibly rich in sunny hours , Ibiza will fill you up with energy & vitality in so many ways.
With a long history going back to the Phoenician times around 650 years BC, Ibiza has been influenced by many dominant empires , yet it still kept it's own identity.
It's original name is Yibosim - from the phoenician language, and later on the Catalan name became: Eivissa.
It has been a trading center throught the centuries, while today it mainly lives from tourism. As more and more people started to discouver that unique special vibe on Ibiza..expressed by electronic music..opening the mind and consciousness towards higher dimension.
Ibiza Yoga Retreat Center offers services dedicated to the special Spirit of the island..inviting everyone to let go, relax, surrender and open to discover, enjoy & grow.
We hope that you will fall in love with Ibiza as much as we did, through your vision of retreats, trainings, holidays manifested... from the very first moment. 
Let us help you realize your vision on this beautiful island.
With Love,
The Ibiza Yoga Retreat Center Team
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