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Yoga Alliance Approved 

200hrs Yin-Yang Yoga Teacher Training

April 12-28, 2024

Our Program


  • Yin & Yang poses (basic poses and variations)

  • Understanding the effects of the poses from physiologic, anatomic, energetic, emotional, mental, and therapeutic perspectives

  • Basics of traditional Chinese medicine (meridians and elements)

  • Understanding the holistic principles that applied to your health, body, and your life

  • Learning how to balance the energy flow in specific meridians to shift the health of specific organs, and transform areas in your emotional, mental, or practical-physical life

  • Learning to embody the Yin quality in your life, opening up to surrendering, receptivity, compassion, stillness, self-love, and acceptance

  • Balancing the Yang quality in your life, acting and moving in a soulful way, from your core, allowing your yoga to connect you to your essence.

  • Learning one's own unique anatomical structure and principles for approaching each and every skeletal constitution in a unique way (learning adjustments, variations for each body type, and each pose)

  • Modifications that can help with a therapeutic approach for problems such as back, spine problems, hip, pelvic, shoulder sensitivities, all kinds of joint, muscle, and connective tissue complaints

  • Use props for each pose and each problem

  • Philosophy of Yin-yang yoga such as mindfulness, breath awareness, and loving kindness

  • Learning to listen inwards, getting to know one's patterns, belief systems, what creates your perspective of your life, and how can one shift them in a soulful way

  • Meditation & pranayama techniques, mantras, breathing practices to calm the mind to reveal one's deeper truths and rebalance yourself

  • Learning how to create sequences for a Yin, Yin-yang or yang practice, according to one's intention, for individual use or group classes

  • Learning when you need a yin practice or a rather a yang, or yin-yang. Connecting your practice to the season, to your own qualities, strengths, weak points...

  • Learning how to find your authentic voice, your passion, your true talents as a yoga teacher so you can really become a gift to the World and hold sacred space for others..

  • Studies of philosophy, buddhist lectures and taoist teachings.

  • learning about expressing yourself in social media, to help your students to find you.

with an ideal & balanced blend of daily practice, lectures, meditation, pranayama, teaching LABs and exercises you will really feel accomplished to teach yin yoga, gentle flow yoga and yin-yang yoga, mindful yoga all over the world.


For more information and course description click here:

About the Teacher

Kata van Doesselaar
is an internationally experienced
& certified Yoga Teacher
& Teacher trainer. She is a studio owner and co-founder
of the Yoga Retreat Center. 

She has been practicing yoga

for 18 years.

Teaching Yoga for 14 years
offering teacher trainings since
10 years. 
Her main Teacher on the Path was Shiva Rea - founder of Prana Vinyasa Yoga, who she has been assisting for many years and teaching her affiliate trainings.
Kata also cultivates Yin Yoga & Mindfulness,

Daoist & Buddhist Meditations 
that she mainly learned through her
studies with Sarah Powers.
Having studied spirituality,
yoga & awareness work,
& healing with many worldknown

teachers for more 25 years,
Kata's teachings are very rich
and synthetising the diffferent currents leading back to the One Source.

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